Friday, October 23, 2009

The moon
The red tent

A possible design for the leaflets? I tried to put the date next to the moon but it came out backwards. Il be redesigning it and can write a short word on it. The date? Intials of the A (narcha) F(eminist) K(ollective) ?
I can also make the tent bigger to allow more text to be written inside. I think the text would look good written on the computer. I can put what I've made into photoshop and text can go over the top.

Do you have text to go in it?

If there isn't a date set yet the text could just be
"femMenstruation week"

Edinburghs on ......

just a tag line until we get set dates????!

In terms of printing - we need some dosh to print.
Unless we know a contact that could do it for cheap free???