Friday, October 23, 2009

The moon
The red tent

A possible design for the leaflets? I tried to put the date next to the moon but it came out backwards. Il be redesigning it and can write a short word on it. The date? Intials of the A (narcha) F(eminist) K(ollective) ?
I can also make the tent bigger to allow more text to be written inside. I think the text would look good written on the computer. I can put what I've made into photoshop and text can go over the top.

Do you have text to go in it?

If there isn't a date set yet the text could just be
"femMenstruation week"

Edinburghs on ......

just a tag line until we get set dates????!

In terms of printing - we need some dosh to print.
Unless we know a contact that could do it for cheap free???


  1. the minutes from the last meeting...
    Hello fellow feminists and cunts!
    Come to the next meeting organising Femmestruation week for next monday the 2nd November at 5pm, at the forest cafe, on Forest road. Is that a good day for everyone? if not what is the best day? Please get back to me on 07518598002, or email back. We have lots to plan in funding, organising a constitution for this, organising a benefit for the event, getting people to run talks/workshops/perform/make art, find venues, and lots of art to make!!
    We need more people involved for the committees so please come along if you can!
    Minutes. from the last meeting..

    Publicity, ...zoe has kindly made a blog for us, we need to print out the flyers with our aims included, an image has been made already by Zoe, we need to find venues, and start putting on nights to fund the performers coming up, for example zorras will cost 50 pounds. Marlou to email our group out to Joan Robertson who emails all groups in Edinburgh about such events.
    Funding..Elly and Becca are going to apply to some funding bodies that LADYfest use, we need to write up a constitution for this.Leeds feminist society are willing to think about fundraiseing for the week, which is really exciting! Can we get funding from the university?marylou will email me the constitution for ladyfest to help with our constitution. Marlou will email Scottish Women's Trust?,
    Food/drink committees...Rosa and Charlotte are willing to organise this. food not bombs skipping style
    Gig and art committee- we need people to join this, Chella is helping out with the film night, comedy night, we need a n exhibition space for a week long exhibition and for people to get involved in putting up art for this. Gil involved ...get in touch with art college, for exhibition place and art pieces??
    Inclusion committee..making sure different communities within Edinburgh are invited, its disability and child care friendly

  2. 1. Funding, we need to write up a constitution for a funding body. Such funding bodies to be considered..
    Collective magazine also lists funding and grants available in Scotland:
    Dewar arts award [ ]
    Arts trust of Scotland [ ]
    Young Scot Action Fund [ ]

    2. We were thinking of putting on a benefit night to spread the word and make money for the Kolective.Who would like to help with this?

    3. We need to find venues.
    5. We need to get in contact with ethical women’s groups for the event to speak. Organise the committees and find more speakers, and those available for talks.
    Our ethos
    We discussed making the week a child friendly space, and for it to be inclusive for all genders,All ages and stages-if your children, elderly, menopausal, post menopausal women are welcome!
    To make the week fun- period positive stuff,with a menstrual comedy workshop, live cartoon art wall...invite cartoonists? We need more people to get involved in performing for the event. To make a CD for period positive songs!
    Anti capitalist... anti tampons, pro moon cup sponsorship? zine stall, small women owned ethical companies...get moon cup people to speak- they price themselves of the market once you buy one
    The week
    • Vicky newton- phd in Sheffield on the history of menstrual taboos and rituals?
    • Lisa had announced we can use her zine “threads” in the week, and that she wants to run workshops on health
    • Leeds want to get involved
    • Scout’s zine on tampon craft making?
    • Feminist library potentially in London
    • Zoe’s friends getting involved (the performance group)
    • Chella talk- comedy performance
    • ... chris bobbl?
    • Joey- workshop
    • Gil- herbalism??
    • Lecture organised by Bristol post grad Jessica burton on menstrual history- confirmed, sending in pieces before the week in feb.
    • Annalise-poetry workshop
    • Andrea Gibson- to put together potentially a video of her thoughts
    • Zorras confirmed are playing for us.
    • Chella’s collective are performing