Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Minutes for 10th November meeting
Femmestruation week update!!! Minutes for 10th November meeting Fundraiser 8th December
The fundraiser will be on the 8th December ( a tuesday) at Tepooka, 7pm, Katrin will kindly confirm this.Rosa will be organising the food, cake stalls?
The flyer is being made between Giovanna and Lizzie (from her amazing flyer she showed us today!)bands..we need to find bands, Scout's riot grrl band will play, Anna Luine will play, and hopefully other bands Giavanna, Scout, and i know, we need to find acts and bands...
ideas for the night include a menstrual performance piece, bands, zine stall and readings, poetry, a visual?Tepooka will host the space, there will be a 50% cut from the takings, and bar
£3 on the door plus money made from the food, hopefully a zine stall?
femmestruation weekflyers for the femmestruation week will be distributed in the next week and emailed out for distribution across the country.
for femmestruation week tepooka can host our comedy/band nights, permanent exhibition space is still unknown, should it be tepooka? Workshop space will be held at the forest cafe upstaires.
More acts found for the week.
the formation of the femmestruation week art collective is being set up by anna lucine to begin making the likes of art pieces for the nights and exhibition space, meeting to be held in the next week.
Schedual is being made between Chella and Becca, Chella's suggested schedual is attached.This needs to be approved by the group.

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